Monday, 5 September 2011

Impotance of Vit D in fighting cancer

Vitamin D plays a very crucial role in the body's immunity. Presently, significant number of trials are going on, evaluating the role of Vitamin D in cancers, especially breast cancer, pancreas cancer etc. Over last few decades, life style has changed, professions have become more indoor based, and there is lack of adequate exposure to sun, resulting in a decreased synthesis of Vit D by the body. It's not that Vit D will prevent cancer, but it plays a vital role in our body's immunity which can fight cancer.
According to a recent symposium on Vitamin D and breast cancer in London, (Carole Baggerly, Cedric Garland) it is advisable to maintain the level of vitamin D in the serum to 100 - 150 nmol/ml (40 to 60 ng/ml).
I got the Vit D levels of all my family members, and all of them were on the lower side of normal. I would suggest to the readers of this blog to consider getting their Vit D3 levels as also Vit B12 levels (for those who are pure vegetarians).
And to put forth the old saying, 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away". There is so much truth in that. It's not about the apple, but fruits in general. We must ensure a daily intake of fruits, especially citrus fruits.   

Plans for October

October is approaching, and this time around, intend to put in some more effort along with some non governmental organizations to promote breast cancer awareness and adopting a healthy life style.
There is so much misconception amongst the lay man about cancer treatment, that many of them, even in cities, go for outright alternate therapies, and come to an oncologist, only when the tumour is fairly advanced. This cycle needs to be broken and I only hope to see more ladies getting detected in stage 1 of breast cancer

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Oktoberfest is one the biggest celebrations in Germany. But for me, October has a special relevance apart from being my birthday month. This month has been dedicated world over to Breast Cancer awareness. Being a survivor, this cause is very close to my heart. I wish that someday the impediments of fear, narrow-mindedness and ignorance can be removed from the process of learning more about this disease. And this may afterall not be a disease one day.
To all the people that will someday follow this blog and will openly express themselves here with concerns, fears and thoughts, I am happy that this is a place that has been created thinking futuristically about the awareness it will create for many in India and abroad.
Hope that my notes always find everyone in good health,